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The Ultimate Combo Pack Is HERE!!!


Everything you need to get yourself started OR If your looking to top up your current stock to keep going. We got you covered!!


This Pack has been discounted down just for you PLUS you can still get the 12% OFFER (On Top) if you use 1 of our promo codes at check out (See Instagram for promo codes).


It's a No Brainer, WIN / WIN for you!!



* 1x 1kg WPI Protein (Your choice of Dutch Choc Or Vanilla).


* 1x 500g Pure L-Glutamine (Unflavoured).


* 1x 370g SPARK Pre-Workout/Daily Booster (Red Grape).


* Saving Price.


* Plus another 12% Discount ON TOP.

Gainz 3pcs Starter Pack

SKU: 3pcsCombo
  • PLEASE SEE the other product listings for ALL product details, information and recommended use.

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