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Gainz Protein strive to bring you the BEST products & CLEANEST ingredients on the market. Our BCAAS Complex 2:1:1 Blend that also features a healthy dose of EAAs (Essential Amino Acids), 100% Natural Vegan product, No harmful ingredients, No BANNED Substances, Approved by the HACCP, No Fats, Sweetened by Organic Stevia Leaf.

This complex (BCAAs & EAAs) blend is perfect for Increasing Muscle Recovery - Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis - Promotes Anabolism - Reduces Fatigue - Increases Muscle Growth - Improves Gut Health just to name a few. Perfect for BOTH Men & Women.


What are bcaas and what do they do?

All proteins consist of amino acids, which are characterized based on their molecular structure. All of the different amino acids form the building blocks of your body’s tissues — they’re especially important when it comes to muscle tissue. Of the 20 different types, three are considered branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.


BCAAs are essential amino acids, which means that our bodies cannot create them on their own and instead must obtain them from dietary sources. They play a vital role in our general wellness and an especially pivotal part in the maintenance of our bodies’ muscle tissue. In fact, they make up 35% of all the essential amino acids in muscle protein.

Unlike other amino acids, which are primarily broken down in the liver, BCAAs pass directly into the tissues — muscle included. As such, they also contribute to energy metabolism during exercise.

Now that we’ve covered most of the basics, we’re sharing fifteen BCAA benefits, with a specific focus on how supplementing with them can positively impact your health and well-being.




Gainz BCAAs 360g= Blueberry Blaze


    1. Increased muscle growth and strength

    2. Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis.

    3. Promotes Anabolism.

    4. Reduced exercise fatigue and improved endurance

    5. Decreased muscle soreness & aided recovery

    6. Prevent muscle protein breakdown (mpb)

    7. Promote weight loss

    8. Decrease appetite

    9. Increase fat oxidation for fat loss

    10. Muscle loss prevention

    11. Improved energy levels

    12. Support immune functions

    13. Support healthy nutrition in pregnancy

    14. Gut (intestinal) support

    15. Supported hormone balance

    16. Glycogen metabolism

    17. Isoleucine valine: bcaa co-factors.

    Just to name a few..


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