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Going On HOLIDAYS? A Business Trip? or just a Get-Away?


Need your protein but cant bring the bulky tub or bag from home with you? Worried about the price differences at the resort or hotel where your staying at?




Now you can go anywhere without comprimising your healthy lifestyle, diet or dietary goals . We've developed an easy solution.


Just order one of our Protein Travel Packs before going away.

Each pack has 4 Single Servings of High Quality WPI Protein.


If thats NOT ENOUGH then you can pick 8, 12 or MORE depending how long your away, READY 2 GO..

You can easily take these with you on any plane, train , boat or car, Hassle FREE anywhere in the WORLD!!!.


All you have to do is select what you need & BANG!!

We will have it shipped out to you before you depart,,



Here is why it's  important to keep your heathy dietary intake during holidays.


One of the first things that gets dipleted whilst on holidays is our Protein levels. Not getting enough daily protein can weaken the bodys natural mechanics that help with repairing cells to make new ones. It also slows the body down from creating muscle protein synthesis.  


Let The Gainz Continue While On Holidayz




** Custom Selection At Checkout means select your prefered flavours in the ADD NOTE section before Check Out. 


Gainz Protein Travel Pack (4pcs)

SKU: Travel Pack4
    1. 92% Pure Protein.
    2. 100% Australian Made.
    3. 30g Pure WPI Per Serve.  
    4. Gluten & GMO Free.
    5. 99% Sugar & Fat Free.
    6. 99.9% Lactose & Soy* Free.
    7. No Bloating & Trans Fats
    8. All Natural Ingredients
    9. Tastes AMAZING.
    10. Certified Organic STEVIA.
    11. Rich In BCAAs & EAAs.
    12. Grass-Feed (No Added Hormones).
    13. Fast 15mins Obsorbtion.
    14. No Artificial Colour/Flavourings.
    15. No Fillers & Cutters.
    16. No Protein Spiking.
    17. 100% Clean.
    18. No Hidden Nasties.
    19. Ultra-Filtration Teqhnecs.                                                                                                                                                                                      Gainz Protein Products should be consumed in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise for optimal results..

    * Contains .02% trace amounts for instantising

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